Listening in to Our Friends Overseas

Special guest stars

PFL: President for Life

PC: Premier Cru

ZZZ: Chinese Telecom Company Head (one of many)

M1, 2: Meeting Minions (Overseas Division)

Translation courtesy of ZTE Phones

PFL: (grumbling). OK, so what do we need here? 500 million?

PC: We think that gets us started. They are loans.

PFL: Yes, ‘loans’

M1: I remember we used to have these meetings back when he was a crooked businessman. Always phone calls. He never learned to use email.

PFL: He may end up more useful as a crooked politician.

(Polite Laughter all around)

(PFL picks up a phone lying on the table)

PFL: What data do we get from these anyway?

M2: Nothing much we care about. Google cares about the shopping and location data. We let them have it as part of the license.

PC: We like the Americans thinking that we’re spying on them with the phones. That distracts from any real spying we might do

PFL: Which never happens.

(Laughter again, more sincere.)

PFL: ZZZ, can we keep moving on this? How long until you can build it out without American components?

ZZZ: We recognize the national goal of total autonomy for all progressive electronic technologies. However that’s not possible at the moment.

PFL: A theme park! Do we have to deal with the little dunce?*

M1: Junior is running it but we don’t deal with anyone but our people. All we’re doing is guaranteeing the loan.

PFL: OK, not bad, Junior is supposed to be even stupider than the child.

(PFL picks up the phone again)

PFL: Do you think we could get The Child to start using a ZTE as part of the deal? I’m sure the twitter insults would work just as well for him

*Son of Child