The New Election Strategy

(First part of some number of parts greater than 1)

We are shortly after the 2018 Midterms. The Democrats have retaken the House, barely. The GOP seems oddly unconcerned. They are thinking outside the constitutional box and to a better future.

Fun Note: With the impending departure of LZ2 we will be dealing with only one Lizard (for now). Of course there are many lizards in the thorny and amoral world of politics, but not that many in the Houseplant Biosphere.

We will call him Lizardo (LZ) … (why do I feel a Tony Bennett melody coming on?)

LZ: I’m glad we got the drunk guy in. That was an important piece of the puzzle

IR: The Big Man will love this

SEM: I hope he sticks to the script. That will be a great speech.

LZ: I think we pace it slowly

SEM: Why? I want to see the end of the Democratic Party in my lifetime

LZ: No no no. The USA has to be a 2 party system. Otherwise we’re what, Venezuela?

IR: I agree. What’s the difference if the Democrats run California? We need a good bogeyman.

(Murmured assent)

SEM: OK, fine. Are we giving them any other states?

LZ: New York for sure. And maybe what, Hawaii?

(Laughter all around)

Unknown attendee: And American Samoa!

(Laughter swells in intensity)

SEM: Let’s get the meetings together. We need to get the findings out soon. The election never happened!

(LZ eye roll)

BJR has just entered

BJR: Of course it happened. But we won easily. How could we not win? We’re the winners. Lets get this fraud out in the open

LZ: Yes. Good. Meeting over.

LZ: (quietly but tersely, to IR): How did he get in here? That little dolt will blab it on twitter before the speech. I think he might believe the narrative. That’s trouble.

To be continued …


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