The New Election Strategy 3

Last in a series (finally)

An august group of GOP leaders are putting the finishing touches on election strategy going forward. And not a moment too soon.

SEM: The reaction to that election was scattershot. We have to be pre-emptive.

LZ: The new law is written. We have to pass it in the last session before the Dems take their places.

IR: Do you think we could prevent them from taking their seats?

LZ: Meh, …

SEM: We were late on this whole thing

LZ: Is the drunk guy going to play along?

IR: Definitely. We think our people will be onboard.

SEM: So basically any disputed election goes straight to the Supreme Court?

LZ: Yes. And the genius is the president decides which election is disputed, with proper input of course.

SEM; He’ll go for this for sure. Didn’t you mention this to him before he made that nitwit remark about the election results?

IR: He’s not listening to anybody, still stewing over who knows what. If he wasn’t so self-obsessed with twitter and watching those Fox attention whores stroking him maybe we could get something done.

LZ: Alright, let’s alert the drunk guy and the Houseplant and try to get that thing passed before those Bolsheviks take their seats


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