Go to the Belly of the Beast here

Get the ‘other side’ (more or less) here

Both sites would like you to donate money to the ‘cause’ of course, and both are big on selling merch.

Moving on ..

Although not beloved by the GOP, I find Politico to be (relatively) objective and non-fake

I would recommend getting a mainstream 3rd World perspective here.

Getting the viewpoints of disenfranchised groups and nominal enemies is valuable (although of course largely ignored by the current administration)

2 Sites with a bit of erudition and research behind the clamor:

For the Righties:

For the Lefties:

To their credit, The National Review and The Nation do not always rubber stamp their respective party’s policies. In fact (predictably), many National Review staffers seem appalled at the direction of the GOP as currently constituted. There’s always some trouble in paradise, isn’t there?

A useful resource that does a pretty good job of keeping everyone ‘honest’ (OK, I’m kidding. No one is too honest right now. Still a valuable service)

A shameless plug for my current music project. Because it’s my website 🙂 And the T-shirts are way nicer than the GOP and Democratic crap